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Marvelous China

 A Multi-Art Show from China

September 26, 2009, Friday, 12PM - 5PM

Miller Outdoors Theatre

1 Dance: Lion Dance, Dragon Dance
-- Houston Shaolin Kung Fu Academy (HSKFA)
2 Dance: Celebration
-- Guangdong Association of Texas Art Troupe
3 Youth Solo: I Enjoy Being a Girl
-- Connie Lee
4 Dance: Charming Sylphs
-- J & L Dance School
5 Violin Solo: Shepherd Song, Festival Celebration 
-- Wilson Guancheng Hui
-- Pianist: Donny Xiao
6 Beijing Opera Group Singing: I'm a Chinese
Folk Song Group Singing: Love for China
-- Yuzhen Fan Vocal School
7 Kung Fu
-- Houston Shaolin Kung Fu Academy (HSKFA)
8 Soprano Solo: We Shall Behold Him
-- Song of the Angel
9 Dance: My Beautiful Hometown
-- Guangdong Association of Texas Art Troupe
10 Soprano Solo: Mayila Variation
-- Yuzhen Fan
11 Tai Chi, Tai Chi Sword, TaiChi Knife
-- Tai Chi Club
12 Dance: Stairway to Heaven
-- Phoebe Pan
13 Clarinet Solo: Chinese Folk Song Medley, Jasmine
-- Dazhen Wu 
14 Choir:
Blue Sky White Cloud
An Even Better Tomorrow
Dream Fields
Grandma's Peng Hu Bay
-- The Dulcet Melodies and The Tapestry
-- Conductor: Brent Chiang
-- Pianist: Vickie Chen
15 Beijing Opera Solo: Contest of Spear Skills
-- Yuzhen Fan
16 Dance: Zen Nature
-- J & L Dance School
17 Soprano Trio: Look for Me, Peace On
-- Song of the Angel
18 Ensemble of Er Hu
China Flower Drum
Horse Racing
-- Houston Chinese Traditional Music Group
-- Accordionist: Eddy Xiao
19 Tenor Solo: An Old Song
-- Zhihao Gu
20 Dance: China Red
-- Golden Peacock School of Dance
21 Soprano Solo: 
My Accent Rings with My Love for My Hometown
-- Mei Lu
22 Youth Choir:
Let Us Paddle Pairs of Oars
Singing and Smiling
-- Haiyan Voice Studio
23 Henan Opera Solo: Mu Lan
-- Phoebe Guo
24 Folk Song Group Singing:
What a Beautiful Jasmine
Rush Sacrifice Ling 
The Sun is Beaming With Joy
Happiness Song
-- Xihai Classic Folk Song Lian Chang Group
-- Gulf Coast Chinese Association (GCCA)
-- Weiqun Shang, Wuling Li, Ai Zhang, Xihai Sun, 
-- Harold Xia, Yang Si, Ping Li, Jean Chen, 
-- Zhihao Gu, Juan Fang, Xiaoshi Chen
25 Dance: Samba, Line Dance
-- International Sport Dance Center
26 Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu
-- International Shaolin Wushu Center
27 Soprano Solo: Gazing at the Moon
-- Yi Wang
28 Chinese Fashion Show: Qi Pao Show
-- Sunset Glow Club
29 Tenor Trio:
Like a Snowflake Falling From High
The Lovely Rose
-- Nessun Dorma
-- Robert Liu, Harold Xia, Jun Zhang
Pianist: Donny Xiao
30 Tai Chi
-- USA Chen Tai Chi Federation
31 Dance: Waltz
Sunset Glow Club
32 Soprano Solo: The Beauty of Honest, Lovely Blue Ocean
Weiqun Shang
33 Chinese Traditional Folk Music:
Boisterous Elation
Beijing Opera Tune
-- Houston Chinese Traditional Music Group
-- Conductor: Eddy Xiao
34 Tenor Solo: Usuli Boat Song
-- Robert Liu
-- Pianist: Donny Xiao
35 Dance: Thousand Hands Avalokitesvara
-- Mitsi Dancing School
36 Beijing Opera Solo:
Loyal Generals of the Tian Bo Mansio
Beijing Is My Hometown
-- Xiao Mei Yu
37 Ensemble of Zheng: Fight with Typhoon
-- Changlu Wu School of Music
38 Baritone Solo: Ga Da Mei Lin, Some Enchanted Evening
-- Steve Hu
39 Choir:
The Night in the Desert
See Red Plum Flowers Again
-- Yellow River Chorus
-- Harmonic Singers Chorus
-- Conductor: Eddy Xiao
-- Pianist: Donny Xiao


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